***A FEW MORE COINS WERE ADDED AS WELL!!! CHECK OUT THE 4 WHEELER PICS!!!!….see pictures below!!!!**** FIREARMS AND COINS ABSOLUTE AUCTION: Handguns, Long Guns (including Customized guns), daggers, bayonets, knives, Reloading equip., Ammo. AU and BU coins+++

May 18, 2024 @ 10:00 am
The Bobbie Witt Estate
724 Commercial Ave
Clifton Forge, VA 24422
Brandon and Gail Nicely
540.968-0962 540/968-2568


Firearms  (Some are Customized)   Ammo

Daggers   Bayonets   Swords   Knives 

Reloading Equip.     Polaris 4 Wheeler   Coins

SATURDAY, May 18 – 10:00am

***Preview at 8:00am day of sale***

Clifton Forge Armory

724 Commercial Ave., Clifton Forge, Va.  24422

Go to www.nicelysauctionco.com for all info!!



FIREARMS:  Handguns: Ruger Security Six 357 mag., CZ 52 7.62X25, Feg Makarov 7.65mm, Llama 45 auto, RG 10 revolver 22 short, Rossi double 22LR, Astra 1916 6.35mm, ERMA semi auto 22LR;  Shotguns:  Winchester Mod 50 12ga. 2 ¾ FC,  Winchester Mod 25 12ga. FC;  Rifles:  Springfield M1 30.06, Winchester 30cal. M1 “US Rifle”, Ruger mini 14 223cal., Armscorp Mod 1600 22LR, Ruger “Muzzlelite” 1022 BP 22LR, Russian SKS 7.62X39, Enfield Jungle Carbine British 303cal., Russian T44 7.62X54, Springfield Custom 257 WBY Mag, Mitchell M16A3 22LR, Intrac Arms AK-74 5.45X39, Ruger 1022 22LR, Russian SKS 7.62X39, Iver Johnson M1 Carbine 22LR, Springfield Armory Mod 1903 30.06cal., Ruger Mark II 6mm PPC, Mossberg Mod 44 U.S.Trainer 22LR, Thompson Center “Hawken” 50cal., Springfield Armory M1 30.06cal., Mauser 48 30.06cal., Mauser 98 8mmcal., 2-Norinco SKS 7.62X39, Thompson Center Contender 17 Rem., Savage Mod 112 Series J 222cal., Norinco AK 47 7.62X39, IMC 2 Romanian 22cal.; Ammo:  7.62X39, 223, 6.45X39, 7.62X51, 257 Weatherby magnum, 17 Remington, 357 magnum + numerous clips, reloading items (vibratory cleaner+) and 4-Leupold scopes (24X/36X); Bayonets:  Weyersberg Soliinger w/matching # scabbard (Argentine 1909), K-M8A1 used w/ M1 Carbine/M1 Garand/M14/M16, M7 bayonet & M8 BM Co. scabbard post WWII-Vietnam War era, US Vietnam War era M7 for M16 rifle w/M8A1 scabbard by VIZ, Polytech AK bayonet, US M8A1 PWH; Swords: US Marine officer’s sword, US artillery sword (Civil War era), vintage curved Indian sword w/leather sheath, double dragon duel short swords; Daggers/Knives:  Medieval dagger w/black/gold sheath, Imperial US M6 knife bayonet w/PWH US M8A1 scabbard, Cobra style knife w/spiked handle/stainless blade from Pakistan, boot knife dagger w/stainless Pakistan blade & sheath, vintage Pakistan Bowie knife w/leather sheath, vintage US Army Kutmaster M3 style trench knife w/sheath, KA-BAR USMC fighting fixed blade knife w/sheath, Star hunting knife/stainless blade from Japan, WWII US fighting knife w/M8 scabbard PLUS a single ball medieval mace.

COINS:  Morgan Silver Dollars: 1879-S/MS62, 1884-0/MS63, 1890/BU, 1886/BU, 1897/AU, 1882-S/AU, 1890-S/AU, 1904-0/AU, 1900/AU, 1883-0/AU.

4 WHEELER: 2003 330 Magnum Polaris, 2wd; new battery/recently serviced.

Directions:  I64, exit 24 towards Clifton Forge, go to 1st light, left onto Commercial Ave., follow signs to Clifton Forge Armory.

Terms of Sale:  Cash, check or charge (proc. fees apply) day of sale and picture ID required.  Announcements day of sale take precedence over printed material. Food will be provided. Bleachers available or bring a chair.


Sale conducted for the BOBBIE WITT ESTATE


Brandon Nicely – Auctioneer #2620Va.   Gail Nicely – Marketing

425 Soldiers Retreat Rd., Eagle Rock, Va.  24085

540/968-0962   540/968-2568