Auction Services

We will meet with you free of charge and without obligation, get an overview of the entire estate, and discuss your particular needs and dynamics. After our first meeting, we provide a “Terms of Sale” that shows the detailed responsibilities of both the seller and Nicely’s Auction Co. If these terms are accepted by the Estate, our commitment to you will be:

  • Create a detailed inventory list/flyer of all items to be sold and take pictures of real estate & personal property items….all of which will be downloaded to our website for our customers’ perusal.
  • Print color or black & white flyers (depending on terms accepted) to distribute throughout 3+ counties and mail to our collectors & dealers locally and in West Virginia.
  • Put together and manage a full advertising plan involving anywhere from 2 to 6 advertisers…always determined by the budget terms and the perceived value of the Estate.
  • List the auction on for national exposure.
  • Sort,box and or transport items for the full set up either on site or at another location.
  • On auction day, the event will be conducted with the help of 2+ experienced auctioneers and a professional team ready to put on an organized and fun event for all.
  • Provide, usually within 2+ business days after the sale, a complete record of the sale and the final settlement package.